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1. Strategy Formulation

  • Public Relations strategy
  • Marketing Communications strategy
  • Organizational Communications strategy
  • Communication Strategy
2. Communication Research 
    This is vital element of all communications strategies:
  • Advertising, mass-media audience and mass-media efficiency  such as advertising message research, Audience/ Market/ Public analyses and of media and businesses.
  • Organization and Development Communications Research including Environmental Monitoring Research,Social Audit, Researching Participatory Strategies, Participatory Action Research and Public Relations Audit.
3. Publications
  •  Document and Text designing
  • Technical and specialized organizational reports
  • Newsletters
  • Client and staff journals
  • Sales and information brochures and direct mails
  • Reports

4. Public Relations Services

    Public relations,  advertising agents and all media practitioners must be professional

    communicators because these essentially deal with communication effectiveness.

  • Press/ Media releases
  • Features for publicity and marketing in the print media.
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Films, Videos, Televisions and Radio documents
5. Marketing Communications Services
  • Developing marketing management plan  thoroughly.

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